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Live Discovering Diversity & Love Inclusion in EU ITALIA - ROMANIA - LITUANIA - PORTOGALLO


 “Live Discovering Diversity & Love Inclusion in EU”


The Erasmus+ Ka229 “Live Discovering Diversity & Love Inclusion in EU” project involves students aged 13 to 16 and aims to develop social inclusion, to support individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences and to tackle early school leaving and disadvantage.


The project has a duration of 2 years (01/09/2019-30/08/2021) and consists of the following activities:

  • First international meeting: 19-24 November 2019, Foligno – Italy

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  • eTwinning: students get in touch
  • Art exhibition: 2020
  • Christmas with families: December 2019
  • Film about the activities of the project with music sharing with all partner countries: March 2020
  • European dance as flash mobbing sharing with all European partners: April 2020
  • Spring sports for each school in the two years of the project: April 2020
  • First international campus: 24-30 May 2020 – Romania
  • Erasmus week in each European school in the project: October 2020
  • Winter sports of European partners for the two years of the project: February 2021
  • Second international campus: 11-17 April 2021 – Portugal
  • Final meeting: 31 May-5 June 2021 – Lithuania




Istituto Professionale per l’Industria e l’Artigianato “Emiliano Orfini”, Foligno (Italy)

 logo orfini 2020

Colégio de Lamego (Portugal)

 Colégio de Lamego (Portugal)

Colegiul National Ion Luca Caragiale, Municipiul Ploiesti (Romania)

 Colegiul National Ion Luca Caragiale, Municipiul Ploiesti (Romania)

Vilniaus R. Nemencines Gedimino Gimnazija (Lithuania)



Istituto Comprensivo per Ciechi e Pluriminorati, at Istituto Serafico Assisi (Italy)


Istituto Comprensivo Assisi 1 (Italy)


 comprensivo assisi1




The project aims to overcome physical, social and learning difficulties, to experience European citizenship and European values and to strengthen the use and the learning of foreign languages, especially by the use of the eTwinning platform where students will share photos, videos and mails.

During the two campuses – one in Romania and one in Portugal – the students will have the chance to learn to work together, to strengthen the mutual trust and to respect the human, cultural and social environments. The campuses will also host some students with special needs.

Music and dance will have an important role in the project, because the students will be involved in a musical and dance performance and in the writing of a rap song – that will become the anthem for the project – about cyber-bullying in order to learn to use music to express positive values and principles, and to act against violence, bad education and bad behavior.

Furthermore, a photo exhibition about movement, beauty and ugliness, violence and love, will be shared with all the partners thanks to an online exhibition on the schools websites.

Each school involved in the project will deal with a particular task: the Istituto Orfini will create the project logo, the two Assisi schools will devise a dance, the Romanian school will make a video that will sum up the project activities, the Portuguese school will write the project anthem (rap song), and the Lithuanian school, that will host the final meeting, will collect the pictures and videos from the various online exhibitions on the schools websites.








Foligno, 20-24 November 2019: first international meeting with our partners



Our colleagues from Romania, Lithuania and Portugal 




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Erasmus+ Portogallo
Visit to our partner school, the “Istituto per ciechi e pluriminorati” in Assisi
Last dinner in Foligno
Live Discovering Diversity & Love Inclusion in EU LITUANIA